May 2009

Dear Customer,

Please be reassured that our company is well aware of the obligations under the REACH regulation and is committed to meeting the legal obligations, as a distributor/importer/downstream user and is well prepared for it. In this context, we are in continuous contact with our suppliers to ensure that the products supplied remain compliant with REACH.

We would like to inform you that according to Article 31 of the REACH regulation, from the date of inclusion of any substance in the Candidate List, suppliers have to provide their customers with a safety data sheet.

Also, suppliers of preparations not classified as dangerous according to Directive 1999/45/EC have to provide the recipients, at their request, with a safety data sheet if the preparations contain at least one substance on the Candidate List and its individual concentration is at least 0.1% (w/w) for non gaseous preparations and at least 0.2% by volume for gaseous preparations.

We are aware of the 45 days limit that suppliers of articles have to respond to similar enquiries (Article 33) and we are doing our best so that the information requested will be transmitted from our supplier/manufacturer to you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that our company had already in the past and still does communicate the SVHC via the SDS as they are CMR or toxic for environment and we are able to meet your demands with no need to be alarmed.

We would like to note that we will meet all obligations under the communication requirements concerning Article 31 in combination with Article 33 for the specific substances as published on the ECHA website. Other substances mentioned on other lists but not on the ECHA’s official list do not fall under Article 33 and will not be treated as such.

Meanwhile, if you have any question, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Kind regards,

Telko Oy