About Us

Experience and reliability

Telko is distributor of Plastics and Chemicals with more than 100 years of experience in this field of business. Our key strengths are broad products range, comprehensive technical expertise, deep knowledge and understanding of local markets.

We provide solutions to our customers helping them to implement latest technologies improve quality of their end products, comply with strict environmental and consumer demands.
Our long term partners are reliable international raw material manufacturers with high quality standards.

Unique geographical coverage

Telko’s headquarters are located in Helsinki, Finland. Since the end of 90’s Telko is actively expanding its geographical presence with strong focus on fast growing Eastern European countries.

Today we have local sales offices and warehouses in 17 countries: Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Czech, Slovakia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. We have expanded our local presence in Russia and Ukraine establishing additional warehouses and sales offices in the important industrial areas.

Sound financial basis and compliance

Telko is part of Aspo Group. Cooperating with any local Telko company either in Western Europe or in the East you are always dealing with the Finnish stock exchange company Aspo Plc, which means transparency of our operations and latest financial results, compliancy with legislation and uniform quality standards. 

Dynamic development

Telko’s ambition is to offer all range of raw materials to its customers, provide innovative solutions for solving the tasks of the manufacturing processes. This means that we are constantly working on broadening our products portfolio, building up technical know-how and improving the quality of our services.

Our development is focused on specialty chemicals and engineering polymers for the selected industry segments such as for example: paints and coatings, construction, packaging, automotive.

Efficient logistics

Efficient logistics constitutes our key competitive edge. The logistics system is based on centralized raw material purchasing, local warehouses and comprehensive management of the whole supply chain.

Our team is committed to ensure flexibility of deliveries according to customer needs. We plan and control safety stocks thoroughly in order to ensure prompt delivery of any amount of product from 5-25 kg samples to bulk deliveries. Read more about our warehouses.