Health, Safety, Environment

Good reputation as a competitive advantage

Having a good environmental reputation is a key factor in Telko’s success. Our operations are governed by strict quality criteria.

A central principle in Telko’s environmental policy is continuing operational improvement. Telko wants to address critical environmental issues beyond the minimum requirements of laws and regulations. We attempt to anticipate and avoid any harmful effects to the environment through environmental impact assessment and risk analysis.

Telko complies with the relevant legislation and recommendations in all of its operations with regard to the environment, products, and personnel. The company has ISO 9001 standard certification. 

The company is committed to complying with the trade-related version of the chemical industry’s Responsible Care program. One element of the program is a commitment to the continued voluntary improvement of environmental and health and safety issues. The company’s commitment has been verified by an external SQAS Distributor/ ESAD Assessment. In addition, Telko has signed the Ethical and Business Principles of the European Association of Chemical Distributors FECC.