Fuel Additives

Polar TM Diesel Additive

PolarTM Diesel Additive prevents paraffin solidification and formation of ice crystals at low temperatures.

Functions of the product:
- effective cleaning of the engine intake system and injectors,
- reducing the formation of soot,
- easy start up of the engine in cold weather,
- improving the combustion process in the engine,
- preventing corrosion.

The advisable mixing ratio is 1:200, i.e. 1 litre of diesel fuel additive for 200 litres of diesel fuel.


Polar TM Gasoline Additive

PolarTM Gasoline Additive prevents the formation of  water condensate, it binds the water already formed in the fuel tank and in the engine intake system.

Functions of the product:

- keeps the system from freezing,
- helps to avoid engine trouble starting caused by freezing,
- cleans the engine intake system,
- prevents corrosion,
- improves the combustion process of the fuel,
- guarantees smooth operation of the engine in humid weather.
The advisable mixing ratio is 1:80, i.e. 0.5 litre of gasoline admixture for ca. 40 litres of gasoline.

We advise to use the gasoline additive regularly when the temperature is below +5 °C.

Pour the gasoline additive into the fuel tank directly before refuelling.