Polar/Alaska/Blue Screen Wash

    Telko windshield washing fluids are environment-friendly products. These are well-balanced mixtures of renewable-source products: alcohols, water and surfactants. The products are denaturised with small amounts of glycols, denatonium benzoate and ketones in accordance to the European Customs regulations.

    Anionic tenside used in the formulation:
    • is compliant to the European Detergent Directive N° 648/2004/EC
    • is approved by the Nordic Swan eco-labelled products 
    • gives superior cleaning and wetting properties

    Telko windshield washing fluids freezing protection are shown onto labels. 

    The products  do not contain methanol!

    Telko Screen Washes pass the stress cracking in polycarbonates test (Hella test) and Dekra lacquer-, plastics- and rubber compatibility tests.