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Castrol Industrial and Telko are strong players globally with long and well-established cooperation on the markets since 1958.

Comprehensive range of world-class lubricants deliver the performance you need in every application, including the most demanding and capital intensive, where leading edge lubrication technology is vital.

High Performance Lubricants

High Perfomance Lubricantis offer superior performance and reduced operating costs in comparison to conventional industrial lubricants .
These products are formulated to go beyond the industry specifications and will ensure your equipment runs smoothly, even in the most difficult environments for long periods of time – giving you improved reliability and possibility to focus on your business.

Metal Working Fluids 

With emphasis on your process reliability, we supply a comprehensive range of premium metalworking fluids.
Our products are formulated to give world-class performance, improve quality and productivity at reduced overall process costs, as well as allow you to meet environmental and safety regulations.

General Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants include complete range from gear oils to grease.
General Industrial Lubricants are developed and manufactured in compliance with the applicable standards and specifications.