Telko's values

Success by People | Partnership | Responsibility | Development

We believe that success lies in people. We want to help our customers to succeed in their business by doing our job the best way we can.
A shared code of conduct ensures everybody is valued. We believe in continuous development in everything we do.

Customer service and sustainability

Telko is a Finnish based international company of some 300 employees in 15 countries. Telko’s staff is dedicated to serving customers requiring specialist product expertise in plastics raw materials, lubricants and industrial chemicals.

We bridge industrial customers and principals in a sustainable way.

Efficient collaboration

Telko operates in all countries according to the Aspo code of conduct. The attitude and approach we foster enables our internationally located teams to collaborate efficiently to ensure our customers get the right raw materials and products, expert technical support in their use, and help in developing new concepts, products and processes for high quality end result. Telko is a working place of equal opportunities.

Success by people

Our core value is success by people. This means that we believe in partnership, responsibility and continuous development. We apply our values both in our internal processes and to provide value to our customers. We are a Finnish company operating internationally. A shared code of conduct and value base make us a multinational team of experts.

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