Personal Data Act t (523/99) 10 § and 24 §

Controller of Personal data file

Telko Oy (Business ID: 09871371)
Lintulahdenkuja 10

Purposes of processing personal data

Telko Ltd collects and uses information about individuals to enhance user experience and communication throughout connection points between individuals and Telko.

These individuals can include customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people interested in Telko’s organization, services and/or products, and may need to contact Telko.

This personal data is carefully collected, handled and stored by Telko to meet the company’s Data protection standards following good practice alongside to comply with the law. Rights of the staff, customers and partners are protected, and their personal data is stored only if it is relevant and up to date.

Contents and use of the file

Data protection policy applies to Telko’s head office, branches, all staff, volunteers, contractors, suppliers, and other people working on behalf of Telko. It also applies to all data that the company holds of the individuals including:

  • information gathered by cookies from individuals’ visits to the website
  • information that individuals provide using for their purposes of registering with the website
  • information that individuals provide for their purposes of subscribing to the website services
  • any other information that individuals may send or give to Telko

Telko may use Personal data to:

  • administer and personalize the website for individuals
  • enable individuals’ access to and use of the website services
  • send individuals products that they purchase
  • supply individuals services that they purchase
  • send individuals statements and invoices
  • collect payments
  • send individuals marketing material

Data storage security

The personal data is protected using passwords or is otherwise stored in locked spaces. It is also subject to the Controller’s general data security guidelines and principles concerning data contained in the information systems, such as firewalls. Only separately designated employees of the Controller and its partners and subcontractors have access to the individual's personal data.

Everyone who works for or with Telko has some responsibility for ensuring data is collected, stored and handled appropriately.

Disclosure of data

Data is not disclosed to parties outside the Service Provider or its partners and subcontractors or for direct advertising, distance sales or other direct marketing, market and opinion surveys or personal data registers. As an exception, data can be disclosed to third parties if required by law or an official, for implementing the applicable terms and conditions of use and investigating possible breaches against the terms and conditions and for safeguarding the security of the Service.

In terms of the technical implementation of the data processing, part of the data is physically located on the Controller’s external servers, on which it is processed via a technical user connection.

Data is disclosed and transferred for specified purposes within the Controller and to its partners’ and subcontractors’ units, some of which are located outside the EU or the European Economic Area. Some of the servers used for maintaining the web services can also be located outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

Individuals’ rights

Individuals have a right to access, query, modify, rectify or delete their personal data. Individuals can obtain disclosure of their personal data. Individuals can also object to the processing and circulation of their personal data. Telko reserves the right to reject any request it deems inappropriate. In accordance with applicable law in force, individuals have a right of formal consent to sales canvassing via email or post.

If you wish to exercise these rights or obtain other information, please send your request by email or by post:

Telko Oy
Lintulahdenkuja 10
00500 Helsinki, Finland