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New partnership with Potters

January 23, 2017 | Emma Vuorio

Telko is pleased to announce that we have established a new partnership with Potters, the largest and leading producer of solid and hollow spheres in the world. Potters has a global network of 25 production plants throughout Europe, North and South America and Australasia. Potters supplies performance solid and hollow Microspheres for a variety of applications. Solid glass microspheres are being used as a reinforcement filler to improve physical properties, reduce cost, and solve production problems. Hollow microspheres, thanks to their lightweight property, are used to add volume and reduce density. They can save material costs. They are also used as sound and thermal insulators. They are available in many particle sizes, densities and strengths to meet all kinds of users’ specific requirements.

Recently Potters Industries, LLC, has entered into an agreement to acquire Sovitec Mondial S.A., a high quality producer of engineered glass products used in transportation safety, metal finishing and polymer additives. “This transaction will enable both Potters and Sovitec to offer a more comprehensive, cost-effective and high-quality portfolio of products and services to our customers worldwide,” said Robert C. Mulhall, President of Potters. (Potters Press release 23/12/2016).

We are excited to have this new addition from Potters to our offering. For more information, please contact Your local Telko sales team.




Emma Vuorio

Emma Vuorio

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