Degreasers and Cleaners


PolarTM Asphalt Remove

PolarTM Asphalt Remover is formulated for removing asphalt, tar residue, rubber, oil, salt and other dirt, which has been torn up by tyre spikes, from the body of the car and from the wheels.

The Product is sprayed on the outer surfaces of the dirty car prior to washing, after up to 10 minutes it needs to be rinsed off and the whole car can be washed.

PolarTM Asphalt Remover works equally well on dry, wet and cold surfaces.
It is advisable to soak big asphalt or tar stains longer and hose off.


PolarTM Micro Degreaser

PolarTM Micro Degreaser is pre-washing liquid that can be applied before automatic or hand wash of the car. 

The product is effective to clean soaking oil, grease and salt. 


Car Shampoo Concentrated

Concentrated shampoo for manual washing of cars, motorcycles, bicycles etc. 

Product with waxing effect is available.


Polar HP Shampoo

High Pressure shampoo is a concentrated detergent for high pressure cleaning. The unique composition of PolarTM HP Shampoo ensures excellent cleaning performance and thoroughly removes different types of dirt from any type of surfaces without leaving film or residue. It is leaving behind a shiny, freshly waxed appearance upon rinsing.

PolarTM HP Shampoo is sprayed on the surface by a low-pressure spray gun or equipment. 

Polar TMHP Shampoo concentrates have to be mixed with water: recommended dilution rate is 1 : 13, depending from the dirt.
For in-built detergent tank or other automatic mixer, follow equipment instructions. 

It is recommended to pour HP Shampoo water mixture into the low-pressure sprayer or into the high-pressure cleaner washer in-built detergent tank (some models are equipped with it). 

After applying the PolarTM HP Shampoo it has to be rinsed off with high-pressure water.


PolarTM Engine Cleaner

PolarTM Engine Cleaner is designed for washing engines, engine and machine parts and cleaning them of oil, tar residue and other dirt.


PolarTM Rinse Wax

PolarTM Rinse Wax is a universal dry-, gloss- and preserving wax for manual or semi-automatic application. 

After washing vehicles are becoming squeaky clean, covered with a layer of invisible coating, which makes water droplets to “bead”, and roll off the surface. 

PolarTM Rinse Wax protects against rust, salts, and other corrosive elements.