Green portfolio plastics

Environment-friendly production and manufacturing with green plastics

Reduce your carbon print and show your company commitment to climate change

We help you to meet high environmental standards. Telko´s plastics portfolio includes a selection of environment-friendly and sustainable materials, such as bio-based plastics and flame retardant plastics produced without restricted substances (REACH).

We support you in your efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of your production and help you in the use of environment-friendly raw materials in your product design and manufacturing.

Our experts will help and advice you in a recycling of plastic raw materials and find greener solutions.

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BL Director, MAG West

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Support and assistance in choosing materials for your products

Cast light metals and alloys can often be replaced by high tech plastics, and plastic products manufactured using injection molding technique may be more economical and easier to produce.

Contact us to chart possibilities to utilize plastics in your line of production. We are happy to discuss suitable plastics solutions for you!