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Sustainable plastic solutions that make business sense

We uncover solutions that can help secure the future of your business—and our planet

Materials for today’s business needs are both sustainable and high performing. Anything less will fail to stand up to the increasing demands both from industry and the expectations for consumers, governments and society as a whole.  


We apply holistic thinking that takes every facet of product selection into account. 


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Post-industrial or Post-consumer?  

PP, PC, PE or ABS? 


We can help you find the recycled plastic that performs just as a virgin material does – should that be the requirement. Telko lays out the many ways in which recycled plastics can contribute to a circular economy in a meaningful and effective way, without having to affect your business performance. Get in touch to see our full portfolio. 




There are a dizzying number of bioplastic resins and compounds on the market – some are biobased, some are not. Some are biodegradable, others are not. Some are made from plants, some even from fossil-based materials. 


All of them can help improve your business’ sustainability—get in touch to discover the one that fits your application needs. 


Improve your sustainability


Looking for ways to improve your sustainability in ways that make business sense? Read our white paper to discover how you can apply Telko's SmartFuture™ thinking to manufacturing processes and material handling.


A SmartFuture™ with Plastic


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Support and assistance in choosing materials for your products

Cast light metals and alloys can often be replaced by high tech plastics, and plastic products manufactured using injection molding technique may be more economical and easier to produce.

Contact us to chart possibilities to utilize plastics in your line of production. We are happy to discuss suitable plastics solutions for you!