World class high performance lubricants brought to you by cooperation of Telko and Castrol

Superior performance with Castrol products

High performance Castrol lubricants offer superior performance and reduced operating costs in comparison to conventional lubricants. Castrol lubricants are recommended by most of the established international car manufacturers, and they are formulated to go beyond the industry specifications. Castrol will ensure your equipment runs smoothly, even in the most difficult environments for long periods of time – giving you improved reliability and possibility to focus on your business.

Telko is a reliable and flexible supplier of Castrol products. Our selection of high performance Castrol lubricants, transmission oils, gear oils, rear axle oils and greases include Castrol EDGE, Castrol MAGNATEC and Castrol GTX products. Our experts will help you to find just the right products for your business and provide advanced technical product and retail sales support.

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