With reliable and sustainable raw material distribution services Telko also offers advanced help and support in logistics, product development and use of raw materials.

See below our core services and learn how they fit to your company needs and production.

Technical support

Telko's product specialists will give you advanced technical support in choosing the right products, and finding the right solutions for production process and for technical challenges. We help you to find the most suitable technical solutions, and our technically capable sales team will offer the right product for your needs.


Product development support

Our specialists will help you in finding the perfect materials and solutions for your current and future products. We provide advanced support in product development and design with a thorough understanding of your industry and business. Our specialists have long experience and wide insights into the current technological solutions, products and consumer trends, which we are happy to share with our clients.

Storing and Packaging

With a global network consisting of local expertise in many regions, Telko offers all the storing and packaging services so that you can concentrate on your core business. Many of the raw materials are readily available in stock and you can order them in flexible packaging sizes in quantity your production requires.

Sourcing and Logistics

As an international company, Telko has a strong network of raw material suppliers. From us, you will get all the raw materials required in your production even in a short time frame, delivered directly to your production site. Our efficient logistics services are based on professional raw material purchasing, local warehouses and comprehensive management of the whole supply chain.