Our targets

Our environmental, social, and corporate governance targets are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our primary tool for measuring progress is the EcoVadis sustainability rating.

Growing our business while lowering the pressure to the environment


Our environmental targets focus on lowering our carbon intensity, improving waste management, and expanding our environmental handprint. In 2024, we will continue to follow our CO2 emissions reduction roadmap and improve the calculation and collection of product carbon footprint data. We will also begin to measure the progress of our carbon handprint.


Lowering carbon intensity

  • Follow the roadmap and KPIs for reducing CO2 emissions in Telko transports (Scope 3).
  • Map availability and start collecting product specific CO2 footprint data during 2024.


  • Create a calculation model for all inbound and outbound transports’ emissions 2024
  • Start measuring emission intensity
    Increase the measurement coverage
  • Create new order management practice by the end of 2024
  • Create new planning system for transport modes and transports  by the end of 2024
  • Start analyzing and optimizing routing and warehouse locations
  • Build collecting and reporting system for product specific CO2 emission data 2024
  • Define later future targets for collecting data and reducing the CO2 footprint

Improving recycling and waste management

  • Continuously reduce waste compared to total sales.


  • Create the process for gathering information about waste formation and waste amount data during 2024
  • Start gathering waste information by the end of 2024
  • Evaluate waste reduction targets based on gathered data and information

Driving sustainable innovations

  • Actively recognize and promote products and projects affecting positively to our CO2 handprint.


Start measuring:

  • the sales of products reducing CO2 emissions in the value chain - % of all sales
  • the amount  of projects with positive impact on CO2 handprint - % of all sales projects

Improving the Telko experience for people in our value chain

Our social sustainability targets reflect our efforts to create a safe, engaging, and inclusive high-performance culture.



Ensuring employee safety

  • Maintain a zero lost time incident rate.


  • Safety walks: to complete 2 per site in own offices and warehouses, and 1 per site in subcontracted warehouses in 2024
  • Create safe driving guidelines in 2024
  • Start annual safety theme months in 2024
  • Create a clear safety communications plan and start using it during 2024 

Improving the employee experience

  • Maintain an AA+ rating in the employee engagement survey.


  • Implement a systematic way to evaluate competencies in all functions
  • Organize Telko Wellbeing Month during 2024
  • Create and publish content for both physical and mental wellbeing through the company communication channels during 2024
  • Build further readiness for pay equity understanding & requirements in recruitments
  • Leading performance discussions: 100% completed
  • 100% of teams complete action plan of engagement surveys results 

Improving the customer and principal experience

  • Continuously improve customer satisfaction.


  • Analyze NPS survey results properly in all business lines
  • Measure acquisitions’ influence on customer NPS
  • Develop CRM tool and use further

Driving sound governance practices at all levels


Our targets related to governance support fostering a culture that values and promotes sustainable, compliant, and ethical operations. As of 2024 and beyond, we aim to significantly improve our knowledge of our value chain, mitigate risks, and provide our customers with more product-specific sustainability data.


Sound governance

  • 100% of employees with min. 3 months of employment complete the Code of Conduct and Compliance trainings annually.


  • Start regular and targeted compliance communication to different employee groups
  • Keep compliance and ethics topics on the personnel info agendas


Sustainable value chain

  • Map availability and start collecting sustainability related product data from suppliers during 2024.
  • Start supplier sustainability risks assessment and management during 2024.


  • Build a system for collecting and reporting product specific CO2 emission data 2024

Continuous development of our sustainability programme

  • Achieve the EcoVadis gold medal and constantly improve our score.

Our progress

We use the EcoVadis sustainability assessment as an objective metric for our sustainability development.

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