Unleash the Telko Effect

Uncover a future-proof formula that improves the performance of plastics, chemicals and lubricants.


White Paper: A SmartFuture with Plastic

Inside this white paper, you´ll discover why the plastic industry needs to become more sustainable, what barriers currently stand in the way of change and how SmartFuture thinking can help tackle these challenges.

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The Telko Effect in essence

Telko’s expertise, processes, TCO approach and exceptional service attitude help our clients, principals and endusers to improve their performance in a sustainable manner.


Unleashing the Telko Effect means improved

- Quality
- Productivity
- Sustainability
- Efficient use of costs and resources


Enabling converters to uncover a better formula

Our broad portfolio of solutions leads to informed, independent material options and bespoke future-thinking applications. Working with Telko means a solutions-based focus on your business performance.


Activating more sustainable, more effective, better performing brands.

Telko adopts a solution-based focus with independent, technically-minded expertise that achieves the standards that brand owners strive for. Our sustainability is recognised by EcoVadis Gold medal in 2022 and ISO 900 certification.


Helping suppliers achieve maximum impact with their product

We want our suppliers to feel that being a Telko partner serves as a stamp of quality. The emphasis we place on trustful relationships means that the strategy and outlook of our suppliers are aligned with that of the entire value chain.

Your path towards feeling the Telko Effect

1. What is the Telko Effect for you?

We'll sit down with you to establish the needs of your solution. What do you want your material to achieve?

2. Analysis

We undertake an in-depth analysis, exploring our broad portfolio before presenting options.

3. Training

Once you decide which material to go with, we help your personnel to gain a firm technical understanding, This ensures you get the very most out of the material and the production process runs smoothly.

4. Implemen­tation

You're good to go! The material is integrated into your actual production process.

5. Can you feel it yet?

Achieving the Telko Effect is a continual process. This means carrying out periodical reviews and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with on how the solution is working. Our service is ongoing and we are on call as and when you need us.