Telko is the most future-proof and trusted partner in the industry, delivering application expertise and solutions that help to improve the technical, sustainable and financial performance of the entire value chain. We call it the Telko Effect.

Telko in brief

Telko is a leading distributor and solution provider for converters and brand owners looking to safeguard their business with future-proof plastics, chemicals or lubricant solutions.

How do we achieve this?
By using industry-leading expertise, strong partnerships and renowned service capabilities to dramatically improve our customers' production lead times, material efficiency, and financial and environmental performance.


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We comply strictly with environmental and safety regulations in all our operations. Our objective is to be the sustainability forerunner in distribution.

Telko is a part of Aspo Plc, which is a listed company on Finnish stock exchange. We provide transparency in all our operations and comply with legislation and uniform quality standards in every country we operate.


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Our mission and vision

Telko Mission
We bridge industrial customers and principals in a sustainable way

Telko Vision
The preferred partner in distribution solutions

Our operations

Telko distributes plastics, chemicals and lubricants, offering a full range of raw materials for the production of top quality products. Our roster of renowned principals serve many industries, while our unique geographical coverage opens up flexible delivery to local and international markets.

Our relationship with our customers goes beyond mere distribution - we also dedicate our technical and industry expertise to uncovering solutions to the challenges faced in industry, helping our customers design and implement the best possible solution for any task at hand. This can take the form of insight into current industry trends and technological innovations.
The end result? A unique solution that works best for you.


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