Firefighting Foams

Telko has recently added firefighting foams to its product portfolio to provide high quality products for risk management and safety

Firefighting foams and foam concentrates


We provide top performance firefighting foams for class A and class B fires, as well as foam concentrates that are designed for use as a light, medium, and heavy foam. The foams provides rapid flame knock down. They are airtight and slow drying, which gives a maximum safety with high outstanding burn back resistance.

In Telko's product range, you will find BlueFoam, an effective, 100% fluorine free firefighting foam, that is quickly biodegradable. More than 97% of the product biodegrades in 14 days. Fluorine free extinguishing foams help your organization meet the ISO 14001 standards for environmental management system. Fluorine free extinguishing foams reduce the burden for the environment and food chain, without compromising safety. BlueFoam has the highest fire ratings according to the EN 1568, and exceptional Burn-Back resistance. Bluefoam is also Baltic seawater acceptable.

Our experts help you determine the right firefighting products for your needs. We provide guidance and training in the right use of extinguishing foams, mapping out the flammable materials and finding the best products for fire safety. The firefighting foams in our range are suitable for risk management for example for airports and waterfront ports, rescue departments and industrial refineries.

Telko's extinguishing foams are readily available in different quantities, and we deliver the products directly to your site.


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