Telko supplies a wide selection of solvents from hydrocarbon solvents to methylacetate solvents, glycols and ketones

High quality solvents from renowned raw material manufacturers

Telko´'s portfolio includes a wide range of quality solvents used for various production and manufacturing purposes. From our selection you can find various alcoholes, such as isopropanol and ethanols, as well as amines, such as acetates, and glycols and ketones. We are an official distributor of ExxonMobil products, and we supply ExxonMobil hydrocarbon solvents, such as Solvesso™, Varsol™, Isopar™ and Exxsol™. We also deliver methylacetate solvents.

Due to our inclusive portfolio you can get all the solvents required in your production and manufacturing from a single supplier. Our experts provide help with different kinds of solutions and advanced product support in finding the most suitable solvents for your production. We provide all logistic and storing services, and deliver raw materials directly to your manufacturing site.

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