Masterbatches & Additives

Improve the quality of your plastic product! Telko provides a wide range of solid and liquid additives and masterbatches for coloring and adding special properties to plastics

Improve Plastic Products With Masterbatches and Additives

Additives are the components that give the material its special properties, even if incorporated into raw materials in small quantities. With additives it is possible to improve the usability of existing products or to create new ones by modifying the properties of the basic raw material or adding a supplementary feature to it.

The most common properties created with additives and masterbatches are modifications of surface properties, such as anti-block, slip and anti-slip, and anti-static features. Product properties are often enhanced with, for example, antioxidant and UV stabilizer. Food packaging can be improved by an anti-fog additive.

Masterbatches are also used to add color to plastic materials. For example, carbon black and titanium dioxide are used to create black and white films or molded parts.

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