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You will find all high quality, high performance lubricants from Telko. Our wide portfolio of industrial lubricants includes e.g. different type of industrial oils and greases for many different, challenging and advanced applications. Telko also provides food grade greases for food and packaging industry needs. We carry lubricants for wide temperature range from heat transfer oils to refrigeration oils. Telko is also distributor of biodegradable products. Our products are easily available, and can be delivered directly to your manufacturing site.

Telko’s experts provide you with oil analysis services to determine how to best optimize your lubrication management system, and how to choose the right way of lubrication. We also help you with questions regarding environmental safety, and provide training and consultations.

Telko is committed to finding solutions for all industrial lubrication needs you might have. With Telko, you will always get expert support and the right lubricants for your industry.


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