Metal Treatment

Metal surface treatment (Surtec®, Dinol®)

  • Industrial Parts Cleaning (water borne-, solvent based- for soak-/spray, manual and ultrasound cleaning)
  • Metal Pre-treatment (pickling additives, inhibitors, desmutting additives, conversion coating, passivation- and phoshpating processes, RoHS-approved conversion coatings)
  • Electroplating (Cu, Zn, Ni, Trivalent-Cr,)
  • Anodizing (complete process additives eg degreaser, etchants , Ni-free cold sealing etc.)
  • Corrosion Protection (Dinol®)

Bonding and sealing (Dinol®)

  • PUR Polyurethane adhesives and sealant products
  • MS Polymers adhesives and sealant products

Commodity chemicals

  • Acids, alkalis and solvents; delivered in bulk and packed (20L-1000L)
  • Dilutions of acids & alkalis (eg 20% NaOH, 40% H2SO4 etc.)



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