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Telko's key value is success by people

Telko is a working place of equal opportunities for professionals in sales and material engineering. Our team of experts works locally and internationally to provide Telko's customers the products and services they need to succeed.

Career Opportunities

Telko believes in success by people, and applies this value to all human resources. Telko’s employees are highly educated professionals committed to their work who take pride in providing their expertise to Telko’s principals and customers.

Being a good place to work, career paths at Telko are often quite long. However, as the company is continuously looking to expand its operations, also new professionals of raw material sales and technical support, logistics, and support functions are welcome to join Telko’s international group of experts.



Open positions

Petteri Martikainen

We work hard to win the trust of our customers and principals every day. I enjoy the spirit and entrepreneurship we have at Telko.

Petteri Martikainen

VP Plastics

Taina Nikula

People working at Telko are experts in their field. We are proud of our expertise and enjoy our work.

Taina Nikula

HR Manager

Niko Nilsen

From East to West, from North to South all Telko employees are committed to the success of our customers and principals.

Niko Nilsen

VP Chemicals


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Kimmo Liinamaa

International opportunities took to work for Telko

Kimmo Liinamaa, Country Manager, China

Kimmo Liinamaa worked in Shanghai, where he was directing Telko's operations as an interim country manager. After returning to Finland from the mission in China he has been managing sales in his home country, mostly for Finnish customers.

Before Kimmo came to work for Telko in 2012, he was working for a film material distributor, and has gathered expert knowledge in film raw materials throughout his career. “I have been in B2B trade most of my career. When I came to Telko, I took one step backwards in the production chain, so to say, from the finished film product to film raw materials. Working with raw materials is slightly different, especially from the technical point of view, and there has been many new things to learn.”

For Kimmo, international and yet small-scale company was very interesting employer, and he didn't hesitate when the opportunity to work for Telko arrived. “I was especially interested in global opportunities in raw material trade, and that is why I came to work for Telko. Telko is an exceptionally international company for such a small operator in global scale. We have spread into more than 15 countries, so with our suppliers included, there are dozens of nationalities we cooperate with on a daily basis.”

Despite being spread around the global map, Telko has a flat and open organisation. “We have very few organisational hierarchy steps, and communication is easy and open at Telko. Organisational culture is very entrepreneurial, and you are given responsibility and opportunities to show your skills. At Telko we also appreciate the learning process, and the general atmosphere is very encouraging.”

Liinamaa encourages skilled salespeople to apply for Telko. “Anyone interested in international raw material trade and global opportunities, but still wishing to get the benefits like direct communication and relations of a small organisation, should apply for Telko. Telko is open for skilled salespeople who want to work in a global company and in B2B sales.”

Ulla Aarnio

Long career has given a vast view into international raw material trade

Ulla Aarnio, Sales Support Coordinator

Initially Ulla Aarnio came to work for Kaukomarkkinat Oy in 1979, Later on, after an acquistion in 2008 her employer became Telko. "Excellent team spirits, good opportunities and international working environment have kept me working for Telko for almost 40 years now."

Ulla's responsibilities and tasks have varied during the long career, which has made working at Telko interesting and meaningful. "Originally I came to work in Eastern trade with imports and export, but currently I'm working with Western imports."

In her daily work Ulla takes care of the orders and logistics of chemical raw material deliveries. She deals regularly with mostly European suppliers and logistics. Supportive and cooperative community helps with the busy tasks and makes working pleasant at Telko.

"Telko is an international company and community, and the employees are well taken care of. I have colleagues from many different nationalities, and we support and help each other in our daily work. We have up-to-date operating systems, and modern working spaces. Good teamwork and open communication makes Telko a good place to work."

Working in an international company has developed Ulla's skills as well, and she encourages anyone with the interest in international raw trade to apply to work for Telko. "During my career I have learned better negotiation and organisational skills, and my know-how at managing the bigger picture has become better. Constant change, interesting work, and varied tasks are the reasons that have made me stay with the same employer for such a long time."