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Jussi Viljanen canoed 100 km with Telko colours

May 31, 2019 | Telko Ltd

Jussi Viljanen, Telko Sales manager for Industrial Lubricants, participated in a yearly canoeing competition in Võru, Estonia. Jussi, a Finn of multiple endurance sports, canoed 100 kilometres with a double kayak and Outi Seppä, Finnish adventure athlete lady with international success. They became number 6 in the class for mixed pairs, and number 37 in total.




Jussi Viljanen

Jussi Viljanen, a man of multiple endurance sports, canoed 100 km with a Telko shirt.


















In the Võhandu maraton event, 1 200 boats canoe in the narrow Võhandu river. Estonia's longest river makes curves of 180 grades and four rapids / white waters are to be crossed. There are also four carrying legs, when the support teams - or the canoeists themselves, as Jussi - run and carry their kayaks/canoes.


Jussi and his canoeing partner canoed 9 hours and 46 minutes without falling/crashing. According to Jussi, ”the kayak was stable, but we had some good luck, too”. The water temperature was appr. 10 degrees. The weather was quite nice: 15 degrees and some rain.


Jussi admits that he sometimes, after some six hours of canoeing, thinks that ”what am I doing here”, but starts to think about future starts. After the canoeing experience he feels euphorically happy. Jussi represents an active Finnish sports club, which sent four kayaks to the event. Telko congratulates Jussi and Outi for a great achievement!



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