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Organizational announcement

March 27, 2018 | Niko Nilsen

Svante Pahlman has been appointed as Business Manager for product line Polyurethane systems. Telko has agreed on representation of "green" polyurethane systems with Foam Supplies Inc. covering most of the Telko countries. Polyurethane systems represent major role in Telko's sustainable growth strategy.

Svante starts in this position on April 3rd 2018 and reports to VP Chemicals Niko Nilsen. He has been working for Telko on contractor basis during the process of negotiating the agreement with Foam Supplies.

We all wish Svante best of success in this important global position helping Telko to achieve the strategic goals.

Niko Nilsen

Niko Nilsen

VP Chemicals. With several years of experience in the chemicals segment, Niko Nilsen uses his expertise to further streamline Telko's portfolio and develop the know-how of the team behind it.

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