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Organizational announcement: Telko Director Juris Avotins relocating to Riga

April 11, 2018 | Kalle Kettunen

Juris Avotins was appointed to Telko Russia Managing Director in the beginning of 2013. After five years successful assignment in Russia, Juris is relocating to Riga in the beginning of May, 2018. Artur Aganisyan was appointed  in January 2018 Juris’ successor as Managing Director of OOO Telko.


Juris’ new title is Director New Markets. In this position he continues to be member of Telko Management Team. His main responsibility is to study and plan Telko’s strategic new market entries and execute decided plans.


Juris also continues to be member of Telko Russia board of executives and thus supporting with his knowledge Telko’s continued success in Russia. As board member of Telko daughter companies in the Baltic states Juris participates also Baltics new business development supporting Telko´   s growth in the Baltics. Juris also continues to be the managing director of Belarus and Kazakhstan.





Kalle Kettunen

Kalle Kettunen

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