Automotive Oils and Chemicals

Telko provides high performance car and engine oils, and high quality car chemicals. Create a successful customer experience for your clients with our excellent technical product support

Added value for retailers in automotive oils and chemicals

We serve automotive oil and chemical retailers and other industry agents by providing high performance car and engine oils and high quality car chemicals, such as antifreezers, anticorrosive chemicals, degreasers and cleaners, and screen washes. The products in our portfolio exceed the industry standards, and the products and brands we represent are preferred by most of the established global car manufacturers.

With Telko’s strong retailer support you can create a successful customer experience and provide high quality service, and thus gain added value to your business. The modern car is a very complicated system with many security and technical aspects to take into consideration – we provide retailer training and technical specifications in the right use of car oils and chemicals included in our portfolio for different car brands.

With our local warehouse and logistics services you will get the required raw materials and products in a schedule suitable to you, directly to your business location.

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