Telko provides high performance lubricants for more efficiency in all conditions. Plan and optimize your lubrication requirements with our excellent technical product support

Get the right high performance lubricants for best results from Telko

Telko’s wide range of high performance lubricants include greases and lubricants from top manufacturers to meet the needs of industry. Demanding working conditions also require high performance from lubricants used in the manufacturing process. We will help you to find the optimal product.

High performance lubricants are designed for high and low temperatures, dusty, damp or otherwise exceptional environment, but they also help you to optimize the maintenance and servicing cycle of your equipment by using the right oils and greases, resulting in the manufacturing processes becoming more cost effective.

Telko’s specialists support you to choose the right high performance lubricant products for your business. We want to help you in improving and developing your area of industry, and will provide you guidance throughout the production process. We check the compatibility of the lubricants with your equipment and other products used at your manufacturing site to ensure best performance.

With Telko, you will get the quality high performance lubricants, and our expertise in the use of them. Our flexible storage and logistics services ensure the products are readily at use even in a tight time frame, and can be delivered directly to your manufacturing site.

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