Quality raw materials, and storing and logistic services for construction industry

Quality raw materials, and storing and logistic services for construction industry

Telko serves the construction industry by supplying high quality raw materials, chemicals and plastics for material and parts manufactures and, for example, asphalt and concrete industry and other construction industry agents.

You will find all suitable products and materials from common bulk raw materials to special chemicals from Telko’s wide selection of chemical solutions and plastics for construction industry. For example, Telko provides you polymer binders and additives to improve the quality of your product, inorganic pigments for paving materials and grouts, and PVC and other cable materials. Our portfolio also includes epoxies, hydrocarbon solvents, fillers, adhesion promoting agents, rejuvenators, warm mix additives, polycarboxylates, hydrophobation agents, silicates, pigments, and titaniumdioxide.

Telko provides all storing and logistics services for manufacturers, and supplies raw materials directly to your manufacturing site. Telko’s experienced experts guarantee you reliable help and support in product development and in finding efficient and new solutions for your products.

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Our cooperation process for great results

  1. We will determine your problem or an opportunity to make improvements to your product.
  2. Our experienced plastics specialists will develop a solution that fits your need perfectly. .
  3. We make the deliveries rapidly and in a flexible manner serving you locally.

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