Plastics for Mobile Devices

Telko provides raw plastics and production planning for mobile devices and electronics

High quality plastics and technical support for innovation

Telko is a distributor of raw plastics for mobile devices. With our experts, you will find the most suitable material for mobile units production. We provide you with technical support throughout the production process, starting for the planning and testing phase to determine the plastics most suitable for the desired qualities in the mobile device.

From Telko, you will get high quality raw materials directly from the manufacturers to ensure the quality of your product meeting your customers’ expectations. Our portfolio includes e.g. polycarbonate, polyamide, thermoplastics and other raw plastics, including green plastics.

Telko’s selection of plastics for mobile devices can be used for pharmacological precision products as well as mobile phones, biohacking devices and wearable electronics. Our experienced engineers assist you in planning for new innovative products, or enhancing the existing ones.

You will get fast and reliable delivery of products directly to your production site.

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