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Telko provides pharma quality chemical raw materials for medical and pharma manufacturing and products

Right chemical raw materials on the right time

Telko supplies chemicals required in medical and pharma manufacturing and production. You can find for example Ethanol, Isopropanol, fine chemicals, Toluene, solvents, pharma quality excipients, and specialty chemicals from our portfolio. We also help you to follow the tight safety regulations in the industry, and provide you the necessary and required documentation with the raw materials.

Production schedule can be tight sometimes, and Telko helps you to meet your timetables. Most of the chemicals are in stock, and we take care of all the logistic and storing services. We supply the materials directly to your manufacturing site, even in very short notice.

Reliable supplier of pharma quality raw materials | Delivery even in tight schedule

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Sales Manager, Home and Personal Care

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Check availability of industrial chemicals

When you need industrial chemicals quickly, reliably and competitively, contact us to enquire for their availability. You will get personal service backed up with all the resources of a large organization, even if the amount of chemicals you require is relatively small.