Mining and Metal Industry

Chemicals and flexible solutions for mining and metal industry

Mining and Metal Production

With Telko, you will find the right products and support for all phases of metal production from mining to finishing your final product. We help your industry to develop efficient processes with the right chemicals for best result. Telko's experts also assist you in logistics and process monitoring.

Telko imports and distributes products used in mining and metal production industry. Our wide range of reagents, frothers, depressants, dispersants and solvents, amongst other chemicals needed in ore concentration and metal extraction processes, are readily available directly to your production site thanks to Telko’s effective logistics and storage services.

Our product portfolio for metal industry consists of high quality chemicals, including e.g.. isopropanols, ethanols, xylene and isobutanol. We carry a range of SurTec surface treatment products in our selection. Telko also provides expert technical support for the whole life span of the mining and metal production process. By contacting us, you are ensured to have the right chemicals for best results. From Telko, you also get remote process monitoring services for your industry.

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  1. We will determine your problem or an opportunity to make improvements to your product.
  2. Our experienced plastics specialists will develop a solution that fits your need perfectly. .
  3. We make the deliveries rapidly and in a flexible manner serving you locally.

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When you need industrial chemicals quickly, reliably and competitively, contact us to enquire for their availability. You will get personal service backed up with all the resources of a large organization, even if the amount of chemicals you require is relatively small.