Telko provides high quality chemicals and process support for metal production

Metal production chemicals and expert process support

You will find high performance chemicals needed for metal production and processing from Telko. We carry a wide selection of coating and corrosion protection chemicals as well as thinners, solvents, cleaners and inhibitors. Bulk chemicals such as e.g. isopropanol, methanol and isobutanol are readily available and deliverable directly to your production site. Telko is the distributor of various quality brands such as Dinitrol. We also represent SurTec products.

Telko’s variety of process and surface treatment chemicals is to best suit your needs. By contacting us, you will also get technical expertise in planning and optimizing of the whole of the metal production process. With Telko as your distributor, you have quick and reliable access the right high quality chemicals. We also provide you with assistance and help throughout your production process, and our logistics services are designed to ensure it remains operational at all times. Telko’s solutions are flexible and focused to provide you with the best end results.

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