Lubricants for food

Telko provides a wide rande of high quality lubricants for safe and efficient food production

Food grade lubricants for production and packaging

Telko provides high quality food grade lubricants for food production and food packaging manufacturers. Our wide product range ensure that you always have products that meet, or exceed, the need and requirement you and your customers might have.

We have a wide range of products with NSF H1 classification, along with Halal and Kosher approved products, meeting the standards of food industry to ensure health and safety of the consumers. H1 food grade lubricants are clear in color, and they do not affect the food’s consistency or taste. By using food grade lubricants, any leaks or other deviations in manufacturing process do not result in contamination of your product, making the production process stable and cost efficient also in unforeseen circumstances.

Our experts help you to choose the right lubricants for food manufacturing and packaging industry. We assist you to optimize your process with the most suitable products for it. We carry most lubricants for food industry in our warehouse, and you can get them delivered quickly directly to your manufacturing site.

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