We provide support for plastic packaging manufacturers in product development, and help in improving the functionality and quality of packages

Support in production of the perfect plastic packaging

No matter whether you manufacture plastic packaging for food or for cosmetics, through Telko you will gain access to versatile and profound plastics and packaging expertise. Besides connecting you with our own experienced specialists, we represent several local experts in different areas of packing, who will be there to help you find the optimal solutions.

Let´s create great and perfectly functioning packaging applications together! With the help of Telko’s experts you can improve your packaging, for example, by optimizing the anti-fog properties or by achieving the perfect film recipe for your application. Fine-tuning of technical issues is not a problem, no matter how micro-level they are.

In addition to the expertise we provide, you will get the raw materials for the packages readily from us. Telko has all the basic components for varying needs: polyolefin raw materials, and additive masterbatches including slip, antiblock, antistatic, functional fillers etc.: You also find black and white masterbatches and all the colors you might need - and, for example, polyamide barrier materials from Telko’s product range for your packaging needs.

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