Cleaning Agents

Telko provides an inclusive portfolio of cleaning chemicals and cleaning agents

Inclusive selection of cleaning agents


Get all your required cleaning product raw materials and cleaning chemicals from a single supplier. Telko has an inclusive portfolio of high quality cleaning agents, for example biodegradable solvents, cleaning excipients, glycol ethers, and alcohols such as isopropanol and ethanols.

With our flexible logistic services you will get your gleaning agents and chemicals delivered directly to your manufacturing site. Our technical experts will help you to find the most suitable cleaning chemicals for your products, and provide support in the use of cleaning agents and chemicals in your manufacturing.


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Check availability of industrial chemicals

When you need industrial chemicals quickly, reliably and competitively, contact us to enquire for their availability. You will get personal service backed up with all the resources of a large organization, even if the amount of chemicals you require is relatively small.