Telko provides quality surfactants for cleaning products and other detergents

High Quality Surfactants

Telko supplies and distributes surfactants used for example in shampoos, cleaning products and other detergents. Find a range of surfactants, like cationic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants, anionic surfactants, such as phosphates, sulfates, alkylsulphates and alkyl ether sulfates, and non-ionic surfactants, like ethoxylates, alkylpolyglucosides, alkyl polyethoxylates from our portfolio.

Telko provides all the warehouse and logistic services. You can get your supply of surfactants delivered directly to your manufacturing site.

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When you need industrial chemicals quickly, reliably and competitively, contact us to enquire for their availability. You will get personal service backed up with all the resources of a large organization, even if the amount of chemicals you require is relatively small.