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Sustainability is the fundamental cornerstone upon which Telko’s business strategy is built. We set out to ensure that we achieve our sustainability goals—and those of our customers—in real terms that are built upon solid LCA analyses and data. That is why we have our own SmartFuture methodology, and have started the process of publishing annual sustainability reports to continually monitor our performance and contribution to the circular economy.


SmartFuture from Telko: Sustainable solutions that make business sense


We recognise the changes needed in our industries in order to be a part of our collective future. And yet, finding the right solution isn't always so straightforward. We apply solutions that go beyond easy PR wins and provide evidence-based solutions built around the entire product lifecycle. It could be biodegradable, it could be recyclable - in some situations virgin materials may even be the best option. Whatever offers the best combination of practicality and environmental sounds, we help you find it.



Responsibility in our own actions 


Chemical safety and environmental awareness are key to Telko's overall business strategy. We expect every member of our organisation to apply sustainable ways of working at every juncture, and aim to anticipate and avoid any harmful effects on the environment through environmental impact assessment and risk analysis. We comply with all local regulations and legislative requirements concerning our operations and we are highly committed to environmental safety, fair and safe working conditions, and fighting corruption.



Environmental awards and certificates 


Adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


Member of chemical distributors' Responsible Care program, from 1994, giving another framework for ongoing operational development to exceed minimum standards and regulations.


We apply REACH statutes through our operations for maximum chemical safety. Visit The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency website and ECHA website to learn more.


EcoVadis is a good tool to prove our commitment to sustainability. It helps us to share our performance with stakeholders, but it also supports to monitor the performance of our own upstream value chain. Telko’s result in EcoVadis sustainability rating in 2023 was scored as 69 (compared to 67 in 2022 and 59 in 2021), silver medal (gold in 2022, silver in 2021). Gold medal is awarded to the top 5% of all rated companies. Although our score was improved from 2022, we lost the gold medal as the medal limit was raised to even higher level. However, compared to all rated companies in our own industry sector (Wholesale of waste, chemicals, fertilizers and agrochemical products, and other products n.e.c.) our score is among the top 4%. 


Please see Telko's certificates and commitments here.


UKAS AND ISO 9001; ISO 14001 - RGB
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Ecovadis silver 2023


Telko's sustainability targets


To support sustainability commitments, Telko defined new environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) targets for significant parts of sustainability work, and published them at the Aspo Capital Markets Day in December 2021.

These targets were also linked to UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as seen below.


telko-sustainability-targets-01 environment

Picture above: Telko’s environmental targets (E) and SDGs linked to them

telko-sustainability-targets-02 social


Picture above: Telko’s social targets (S) and SDGs linked to them

telko-sustainability-targets-03 governance


Picture above: Telko’s corporate governance targets (G) and SDGs linked to them


Telko sustainability reports 


Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Report 2021
Sustainability Report 2020

Responsibility Report 2019

Responsibility Report 2018 EN
Responsibility Report 2018 RUS


Aspo's commitment to sustainability


In the business operations, Telko's organisation follows Aspo Code of Conduct that ensures the high quality of both the products and services we provide and guarantees responsible way of operating. Telko has also signed the Ethical and Business Principles of the European Association of Chemical Distributors FECC. Telko's Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the principles to which all Telko's suppliers must adhere to. Get to know the Supplier Code of Contact here.



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HSEQ Contact


Queries regarding REACH can be sent to REACH[at]

Do you have a question or a suggestion concerning sustainability and health, safety, environment or quality? Please contact us.


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