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Fresh product development ideas and valuable tips for using raw materials such as plastics, chemicals and lubricants.

On a shared journey towards more sustainable transportation

Transportation is a pivotal piece in the puzzle that makes up B2B supply chains, but it’s also a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Prioritizing carbon reduction has become a business imperative andaccelerating the shift are technological advancements, regulatory compliance..
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September 29, 2023 | Telko Ltd

Evolution of asphalt manufacturing towards lower emissions

Infrastructure construction plays a central role in emissions of lived environments. Cities and municipalities are interconnected by roads, which are becoming pivotal when we are solving how to minimise the emissions of logistics and transportation. We are only beginning to imagine all the future..
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August 17, 2023 | Telko Ltd

How to choose the optimal materials for manufacturing collation shrink packaging films?

The demand for collation shrink packaging films, a type of wrap film used to wrap packaging containing multiple articles like bottles, is increasing constantly.This is no surprise since it offers many advantages in creating efficient and effective multi-pack and bundling packaging solutions.
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July 26, 2023 | Telko Ltd

Telko and Nouryon are working together to bring asphalt innovations to life

We have witnessed the transformation of the road industry over the past 50 years. Formerly, paving roads involved basic methods without the application of advanced chemical engineering. The production consisted of mixing stone material and bitumen at a high temperature and compacting it against the..
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June 28, 2023 | Telko Ltd

Boost Productivity, Choose the Right Metalworking Fluid – Simple Guide to Get Started

Lubrication is complex. Nowadays, choosing the right lubricant for any given application is becoming constantly more challenging as new formulations are developed.
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May 29, 2023 | Teemu Mikkola

Exploring Types of Metalworking Fluids – Deep Dive into Evolving Lubricants, Coolants and Emulsifiers

Used to craft such metal products as blades, vehicle parts and tools, metalworking is an essential process in today’s manufacturing environment. There are fourmain types of metalworking fluids: straight neat oils, synthetic fluids, semi-synthetic fluids and soluble oils, also known as emulsifiable..
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May 23, 2023 | Teemu Mikkola