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Improving the efficiency of injection molding process

April 20, 2018 | Telko Ltd


How to optimize the manufacturing of plastic products: Improving the efficiency of injection molding process?


The competitiveness of a plastic product manufacturer is highly dependent on the efficiency of the entire production process. Telko´  s article introduces the key criteria for selecting the optimal manufacturing machinery and raw materials, in order to optimize the total efficiency of the manufacturing process.


The key factors for improving production efficiency


The production efficiency of plastics products industry depends on the combined outcome of many individual factors. They can be roughly grouped e.g. as follows:


  •         Product related

  •         Production technology related

  •         Raw material related Production management related 

On the other hand suitable machinery depends on the business and type of production that will be produced. The machinery investment and options can be reviewed with the following angles:


  •         Technology

  •         Economical

  •         Culture and customer service related

Read from Telko´  s downloadable article more about how each of these groups  effect the production efficiency and how to choose the right machine and solution for each application taking all the relevant angles into consideration.


Download the article here!

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