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Manufacturing collation shrink packaging films – Helping you to choose the optimum materials

April 23, 2018 | Telko Ltd



The demand for collation shrink packaging films is increasing constantly which is no surprise. The solution offers many advantages in creating efficient and effective multi-pack and bundling packaging solutions.


Collation shrink packaging film solutions provide benefits to consumers, retailers and manufacturers, compared to other packaging methods, such as cardboard multi-packaging. Advantages come from improved product performance and manufacturing, packaging and logistic efficiencies.



Benefits of collation shrink packaging films:


  • Functionality – lightweight protection of products that are easy to carry, store and use

  • Informative – clearly displays the necessary product data and information

  • Sustainability – ability to recycle


Read more about how to choose the optimum material for your business and products from our article “Manufacturing Collation Shrink Packaging Films”. Telko´  s  document provides recommendations for choosing the optimum materials for the fabrication of your collation shrink packaging films.



Download the article from here!


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