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Productivity hack of the year? Just add Telko Effect!

March 8, 2023 | Per Rosenberg

During our chat with Per Rosenberg, Telko’s VP of Lubricants, he revealed how these quite ordinary-sounding products can increase customers’ productivity. We also discussed the topic of Telko Effect and how it represents the company-wide mindset of delivering additional value through productivity.  


Industrial lubricants for smoother processes 


Telko’s lubricants portfolio spans different types of metal working fluids, industrial oils, and greases. Telko distributes high performing lubricants that are used in many challenging and advanced applications. But what can you actually do with them? 


Well, lubricants are used to enable motion between surfaces, decreasing friction where there shouldn’t be any, and removing wear to ensure optimal performance. They can also be used for sealing, transferring heat, preventing corrosion, or trapping contaminants. In short, lubricants make processes run smoother and leaner, thus increasing productivity – and that’s what Telko Effect is all about. 



Valued service sets Telko apart 


Telko supplies industrial greases, oils and other types of lubricants for a large number of complex manufacturers in automotive, marine or mining businesses. Individual products could be for example cleaners, corrosion prevention lubricants, metalworking fluids, mould oils or gear oils. There are also greener options available, such as biodegradable oils and greases. 


A product offering so varied needs to be handled and managed with expertise. For Per, Telko Effect is all about value added by excellent service: “Telko Effect provides a clear view about our value adding role, in an eye-opening way. It indicates what is our contribution in the whole value chain and how we use our skills.”  


According to Per, productivity in lubricants segment means “utilizing the skills in our team to gather industry insights.” For example, Telko’s industrial lubricants experts provide customers with oil analysis services and recommendations to determine how to best optimize their lubrication management. “We have broad capabilities and long-term partnerships. We understand challenges and opportunities all the way from principals to our customers’ customers”, Per continues.  


Productivity is all about the total cost of ownership 


Productivity is one of the key focus areas within the Telko Effect. In lubricants, it means things like improved technical performance and energy saving opportunities. Because of the variety of applications, industries and individual products, Telko works hard to help customers choose the right lubricant for their use-case.  


“With our application expertise combined with our technical know-how and close partnerships, we can impact our customers’ productivity. Productivity is all about the total cost of ownership (TCO) and it is a key driver of how we deliver our value.”  


In the Lubricants business, the total cost of ownership typically refers to expectations regarding prolonging the life cycle of a product and how the lubricant or metal working fluid impacts on a process. “Our customers trust in our skills and experience, as well as our expertise in how to handle the products. We also follow up the outcome and help customers monitor what is achieved. Cost analysis is part of the monitoring.”


The Telko Effect ethos is to enable sustainability and productivity throughout the value chain. Optimizing the transportation of product, having lubricants available in flexible packaging sizes and utilizing efficient storage and logistics services all contribute to handling deliveries according to customer needs. 

Do you want to improve your production lead times, material efficiency, financial and environmental performance – and ultimately quality? Contact us to plan your lubrication management process and unleash the Telko Effect on your business.  

Per Rosenberg

Per Rosenberg

VP Lubricants. Per Rosenberg is responsible for Telko's Lubricants segment. His background is in mechanical engineering and marketing, with over 30 years of experience in directing both sales and marketing for Telko.