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Telko focuses on protecting people and securing operations

June 10, 2020 | Telko Ltd

Telko is following coronavirus situation closely. We are doing precautions to keep our employees, partners and other stakeholders safe. We keep in touch with our partners actively, but avoid face-to-face contacts. We still work mostly remotely and avoid  travelling for time being.


We follow actively instructions from all local authorities and update our instructions as needed. As the progress of the coronavirus epidemic and governmental restrictions vary in each country, our local offices are willing to update you about the local situation.


All our operations and daily work continue, and our customers can rely that we do our utmost together with our principals to keep our service level high. Our committed and professional personnel is ready to serve you, as always.


Thank you for your cooperation, together we are stronger.


Telko Ltd

Mikko Pasanen




Telko Ltd

Telko Ltd

Telko is a leadind expert in and distributor of plastics, industrial chemicals and lubricants. It operates as a responsible partner in the value chain by bridging well-known international principals and customers. Its competitive edge is based on strong technical support, efficient logistics, and local professional service both in east and in west.

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