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Telko investing in Green Products portfolio – Kimmo Liinamaa appointed as Business Development Manager

August 7, 2018 | Telko Ltd

Green Portfolio Appointment - Kimmo LiinamaaKimmo Liinamaa, currently Sales Manager Plastics Finland, has been appointed as Business Development Manager Telko Plastics. Kimmo has worked for five years in Plastics Finland and had an assignment to lead Telko China Plastics team for 7 months during 2017. He has been responsible for sales of most of Telko´  s plastic products in various applications with special focus in film and masterbatch products. As New Business Development Manager Kimmo will be responsible for developing Telko Green Plastics sales. 


Telko aims to add several new suppliers and products in the Green Portfolio to answer the growing interest of our customers to source recycled, renewable and compostable products. In addition Kimmo will have several target projects in where he will support Telko Sales Teams to develop new supplier business. Kimmo will continue to serve a limited number of Finnish customers and additional resource will be recruited to Plastics Finland.


We wish Kimmo  great success in the new role and challenges!





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