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Telko has been awarded a Gold medal in  EcoVadis rating

August 22, 2022 | Telko Ltd

We are happy to tell that Telko has received EcoVadis Gold rating for sustainability!

Ecovadis is the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating. It annually assesses companies’ sustainability work based on criteria within the environment, work environment, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

We have included sustainability in our strategy and defined improvement in EcoVadis rating as one of company’s main sustainability KPIs. This assessment guides and gives us objective information on our sustainability performance. It also develops our internal operations and gives comparison to other companies.

Our target set in the end of 2021 was to get a gold medal in the 2023 assessment.
We are happy to notice that our actions towards better sustainability are working and we have achieved the gold level already now.


Thank you Telko organization for doing things right.



Telko Ltd

Telko Ltd

Telko is a leadind expert in and distributor of plastics, industrial chemicals and lubricants. It operates as a responsible partner in the value chain by bridging well-known international principals and customers. Its competitive edge is based on strong technical support, efficient logistics, and local professional service both in east and in west.

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