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Telko Sustainability Report 2020 published

May 11, 2021 | Telko Ltd

Telko’s Sustainability report 2020 is published. Our sustainability work continues and deepens, as Mikko Pasanen, CEO of Telko says:


“One of the main focus areas this year is defining our sustainability targets. Telko operates in challenging business in challenging markets, and is known already today as a trusted and sustainable partner. We have done many things right also before, as you can read from this report. We acknowledge that it is not enough to concentrate only on our own activities. Telko’s role is to assist and support our partners in achieving their own ambitious goals and targets. Sustainability is no exception.“


Read more about sustainability work in Telko from our report.




Telko Ltd

Telko Ltd

Telko is a leadind expert in and distributor of plastics, industrial chemicals and lubricants. It operates as a responsible partner in the value chain by bridging well-known international principals and customers. Its competitive edge is based on strong technical support, efficient logistics, and local professional service both in east and in west.