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Telko signs letter of intent to purchase a land plot for St. Petersburg logistics center

Telko Ltd has signed a letter of intent with the YIT Group subsidiary, YIT St. Petersburg, on the purchase of a 32,840 m2 land plot in the YIT Gorelovo Greenstate business and logistics park located in the Leningrad region. Specializing in plastic raw materials and industrial chemicals,Telko has..
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July 22, 2015 | Laura Seppälä

Rauma Terminal Services Oy to start operations on December 1, 2010

Telko Oy is reorganizing its operations to serve our partners better. Telko Oy’s logistics services business in Rauma will be transferred to an independent company Rauma Terminal Services Oy on December 1, 2010.
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December 1, 2010 | Laura Seppälä

Terminal services in Hamina divested

Telko has divested the business operations of the Hamina-based Hamina Terminal Services Ltd to North European Oil Trade Ltd (NEOT) under a deed of sale signed on August 26, 2009. The cash flow from the transaction before tax will be approximately EUR 11 million, and the sales gain to be booked in..
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October 30, 2009 | Laura Seppälä
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