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Toimitusjohtaja Kettusen haastattelu: Growth-driven Telko serves diverse international markets

21.10.2016 | Laura Seppälä

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Norwegianin Inflight-lehden lokakuun numerossa oli mukana Business Insight Finland –liite, jossa nostettiin esiin kansainvälisesti menestyneitä suomalaistaustaisia yrityksiä. Yksi näistä yrityksistä oli Telko. Lue toimitusjohtajamme Kalle Kettusen haastattelu, missä kerrotaan Telkosta yrityksenä sekä palveluistamme ja visiostamme:

With more than 7000 customers in 17 countries, plastics and chemicals distributor Telko takes pride in the technical expertise and market knowledge it offers across a wide range of industries.

After expanding its operations from Nordic countries to Eastern Europe and Asia during the past two decades, Telko is among the top three raw material distributors in all its chosen markets, and the leading Western company in its field in Eastern Europe. Telko’s net sales 2015 was MEUR 215 and operating profit MEUR 10.4.


This success has not reduced the Finnish company’s appetite for further growth. “We have the vision and commitment to achieve rapid growth during our current four-year strategy period. This will take the company to the next level in terms of size,” says Telko’s Managing Director Kalle Kettunen, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry.


Telko’s reputation as a reliable distributor is backed up by long-term partnerships with international raw material manufacturers like ExxonMobil, Castrol, LG Chem, Lotte and AkzoNobel. Telko can also draw on the financial muscle of its parent company Aspo, a conglomerate listed on the Helsinki stock exchange. “Aspo’s strategy is to develop its subsidiaries so we are in a very strong financial position to expand.”


Enabling innovative solutions

Telko has the capacity to tailor its raw materials to the exact needs of its customers, helping to implement the latest technologies, reduce production costs and improve their final products.


“Sometimes innovation means creating a whole new raw material. For example, through close cooperation with a leading European pharmaceutical company and a Korean partner, we developed a completely new plastic raw material that removed complex additional production phase totally in the production of medicine dispensers”, explains Kettunen.


Motivated people, environmental compliance and efficient logistics

The organisational strength stems from a corporate culture that genuinely values the quality of local expertise.

“Almost all of our staff members are hired locally. The motivation stems from the freedom of the local management combined with responsibility. They value working for a Finnish company that operates in an open and honest way, so our staff turnover is minimal,” says Kettunen. He also highlights factors of Telko’s future competitiveness: environmental compliance beyond the minimum requirements and continued investments in more efficient logistics.


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Laura Seppälä