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Did you know this about fire-resistant plastic materials?

November 26, 2018 | Juri Kopponen

Fireresistant plastic materials and their properties


No plastic material is fully fireproof or can be made so. Instead, plastic materials can be

treated to be fire-resistant enough to fulfill the requirements of product safety



Fire resistance means that the material is self-extinguishing: if the plastic is set alight, it

will extinguish itself soon after the heat source is removed. Some plastic materials are

inherently self-extinguishing and do not need additives to meet this requirement. Other

plastics can use additives to meet the requirement of being self-extinguishing.


Uses of self-extinguishing plastic materials


The need for self-extinguishing plastic materials is largely the result of the development

of electronics, particularly consumer products. The use of self-extinguishing materials

became widespread due to the numerous fires started by appliances and home

entertainment devices, such as televisions. Vehicles are also laden with electronic

equipment, necessitating the use of self-extinguishing materials in their covers and



Read more about fire-resistant plastics, their safety standards and the classification of fire resistant plastics from Telko´  s article "Fire-resistant plastic materials and their properties". Download the article from the link below.



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Juri Kopponen

Juri Kopponen

Sales Director, Plastics