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Replacing metal structures with fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

April 26, 2018 | Telko Ltd

EN - Replacing metal structures with fiber-reinforced thermoplastics-tausta

 If you are looking for a structural material that can offer better properties than metals, look no further than injection-molded thermoplastics. This guide presents the technical properties of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and describes how the fiber reinforcement affects the material's properties.

Fiber materials can be made with any substance that yields thin fibers, filaments, with high longitudinal strength. These materials include polymers, metals, glass, ceramics and carbon, as well as any number of natural fiber.

Choosing a fiber-reinforced material is not an easy task. To choose the right structural material for different products can be difficult due to the high number of factors. Expert assistance is often a good idea to ensure a successful selection.

Fiber-reinforced injection-molded thermoplastics are a competitive option for structures where metals have been the traditional choice. Telko´  s inclusive document will help you to get started with fiber reinforced materials and how to use them.



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