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Reliable service selection beside the wide product range

November 20, 2018 | Telko Ltd


With reliable and sustainable raw material distribution services Telko also offers advanced help and support in logistics, product development and use of raw materials. Get to know Telko´  s core services and see how your company could benefit from them. 

Storing & Packaging

With the global network of offices and locations, Telko offers all the storing and packaging services so that you can concentrate on your core business. Many of the raw materials are readily available in stock and you can order them in flexible packaging sizes in quantity your production requires.

Sourcing and Logistics

As an international company, Telko has a strong network of raw material suppliers. From us, you will get all the raw materials required in your production even in a short time frame, delivered directly to your production site. Our efficient logistics services are based on professional raw material purchasing, local warehouses and comprehensive management of the whole supply chain.


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Telko Ltd

Telko Ltd

Telko is a leading distributor and solution provider for converters and brand owners looking to safeguard their business with future-proof plastics, chemicals or lubricant solutions. By using industry-leading expertise, strong partnerships and renowned service capabilities to dramatically improve our customers' production lead times, material efficiency, and financial and environmental performance.